There are many ways for you to contribute to the Cornell community! We need countless volunteers throughout the year to help with our different events and activities. Opportunities to volunteer are posted throughout the year in the Cornell e-pinkie, the PTA e-tree, and on our Cornell Facebook page as well as sent out via emails through our room parents. Thanks to everybody for signing up when we ask for your help – from our Event Coordinators to our Cornell Crew — we couldn’t do it without you!


We are looking for some individuals to fill the following positions. If you are interested in one of the positions or have any questions, please contact Natascha Puchner-Doppler, PTA VP Volunteers, at vpvolunteers@cornellpta.org

Future Silly Olympics Food Coordinator
Our current Silly O’ Food Coordinator Karmina Newell is looking for a parent to shadow her during this year’s event to be able to take the position over next year. This positon involves shopping for food items, organizing the set up and help with food sales. (There are usually plenty of volunteers who help with the sales!)

Talent Show Committee Members
We are looking for more parents to join our Cornell’s Got Talent Committee! While this beloved event is great fun for all our participating talents as well as the audience, it also needs a lot of helping hands to make it happen and run smoothly. Ideally, new volunteers will have kids in lower grades and take over when our current coordinators’ children move on to middle school.

Dance O’Rama Co-Chair
Our Dance O’Rama Chair Beth Ellis-Dickson is looking for a Co-Chair to shadow her during this year’s event to be ready to take over as our Dance O’Rama Chair next year.

Future Staff Appreciation Coordinator
Our Staff Appreciation Coordinator Laura Aguiar is thankfully continuing with this position for another year before her son will be moving on to middle school. The 2017/18 school year is a great opportunity for one of our lower grade parents who might be interested in taking this position over to “shadow” Laura and learn what she does to make our staff appreciated.

Coyote Fun Run Committee Members
The Coyote Run has become a Cornell tradition that many in our community look forward to every year. It is the only fundraiser that both promotes fitness and the participation of the entire student body. In 2016/17, the event raised around $12,000. Our coordinator Jennifer Basurto is looking for a reliable co-coordinator and a couple of committee members to help keep this fun event alive.

Future Membership Committee Members
Our Membership Committee is still looking for a couple of additional members for this year and the years to come.

Financial Secretary
The Financial Secretary assists the Treasurer in collecting money, making deposits, and coordinating payments.

Head Gardener
We are looking for somebody with some gardening expertise and passion, who can coordinate and oversee all the gardening activities at Cornell. We hope to have a crew of Garden Coordinators who are helping with watering, planting, weeding etc., but would like to have one person to be in charge.

Garden Coordinators
We need a bunch of people to do some gardening work around Cornell like weeding, watering plants etc.


Take Time for Cornell!
Take Time for Cornell