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Lucy ChenLucy Chen is President on the Cornell PTA Board. She is a mother of three daughters, two of whom have graduated from Cornell, and the youngest in 5th grade. Lucy is a Risk Manager at Wells Fargo.  Born and raised in China, she brings the culture of her home country to America. She is involved in Toastmasters International and her church.  She believes in – and loves – using team work to build a great community for Cornell kids. You can reach her at: president@cornellpta.org

Yun WangYun Wang is Secretary on the Cornell PTA Board. She is the mother of two Cornell Coyotes (a 4th grader and a first grader). She is an Analytics Manager at Wells Fargo. She grew up in China and has been a Bay Area resident since 2002. She believes that real community is possible when everyone contributes to the greater good, and so she is happy to serve on the Cornell PTA Board. You can reach her at: secretary@cornellpta.org

Jassen McNulty is Treasurer on the Cornell PTA Board. He’s the father of two girls; the first is in the 1st grade. Jassen is a Systems Architect at Wells Fargo Bank. He is happy to be able to help out in our community. You can reach him at treasurer@cornellpta.org.

Libby Lavella Perfitt is the VP of Communications on the Cornell PTA Board. Libby was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She and her husband Michael have a second-grader at Cornell. Libby is a professional singer, vocal coach and as a linguist, her research looks at the effects of singing on speech in geriatric voice and language disorders. Libby can be reached at vpcommunication@cornellpta.org

Natascha Puchner-Doppler is VP of Volunteers on the Cornell PTA Board. Originally from Austria, she and her family have lived in the United States since 2011. She has a fourth-grader at Cornell. Natascha is an essential oil educator, who is passionate about empowering individuals to use natural solutions to support their health. She appreciates all of the engaged, caring, and involved parents who are working with the Cornell PTA to make our school such a great place. You can reach her at vpvolunteers@cornellpta.org
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Dan NakaharaDan Nakahara is VP of Membership on the Cornell PTA Board. Dan is a Business Manager at North Berkeley Investment Partners and enjoys giving back to the Albany community. You can reach him at: membership@cornellpta.org

Below are the filled and vacant Cornell PTA Positions for 2017-2018. Any job can be shared by one, two, three or more people.  Interested? Have questions?  Contact Natascha Puchner-Doppler, PTA VP Volunteers (VPVolunteers@Cornellpta.org). Also, if your name is here and shouldn’t be – or you’ve raised your hand and it’s not listed below, please speak up!  Thank you!!!

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